Ramadan is at our doorstep and even though we all know this Ramadan is going to be really different compared to the other Ramadans we have experienced we STILL have to make the most of it.

Alhamdullilah there are still many acts of worship we can do in this blessed month that can get us closer to our Creator EVEN in this situation.

We can pray our daily Salah.
Do Athkar after each Salah
Pray our Sunnah prayers; especially Fajr and maghrib Sunnahs.
Pray Taraweeh
Read the Quran.
Learn some of the Quran.
Revise what we have learnt from the Quran.
Help Our parents with:
Making iftar (Even helping is an act of worship, with the right intention of course.)
Help with the Cleaning.
And much much more!

Don’t think just because we are in lockdown, we can’t do much Ibadah/ عبادة‎ (worship), because the truth is, we can. And the same thing goes for having fun.

We really need to stay positive, especially in times like these, and soon insha’Allah this whole virus will go away. 
May Allah accept this Ramadan from us, and let us come out of this blessed month as a better person, and a better Muslim. Ameen!

Don’t forget to share this post with all your friends and family, so that they may benefit from this too (you will get the reward if you have the right intention iA!).
Let me know, in the comments below, what you or your family members, are doing this Ramadan!

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