TOP Eid NASHEEDS! [Vocals Only]

EID MUBARAK!! I hope you and your Family have a great Eid 🙂 .
Ramadan went soo fast and somehow its already Eid!
So in today’s post I’ve gathered some great vocals only Eid Nasheeds that you can listen to! You can check them out below:

p.s: I hope you have a great Eid and don’t forget to let me know
what u did / are going to do for Eid in the comments below!

^ Eidun Saeed by Mesut & Maher ^
Eid Mubarak by Essam
Eidun Said by Zain Bhikha (Duff only I think) ^
^ Beats of Happiness by Omar Al Sindi ^
^ FESTIVAL by Khaled Siddique ^
^ Eid nasheed by Munshids Muhammad Al Salman & Osama Al Salman ^
Al-Eid ᴴᴰ by Mishary Rashid Akafasy
^ Ya Eid | يا عيد ^
I am happy | أنا سعيد by Ahmad Bukhatir
^ Happiness of Eid ^
^ Day of Eid by Labbayk ^
^  كلنا من العايدين by Abdullah al Farih ^
Our Eid | عيدنا by Muhammad al Muqit
Eid by Ashraf Yusuf
Eid Mubarak Cover by Rhamzan Days
Joyful Eid | فرحة العيد
Oh Eid | يا عيد by Ahmad Bukhatir
La Ilaha Illah Ant by Siedd (not an Eid nasheed but its so good!)

That’s it hope you liked them all! Don’t forget to share this post to ur friends, let me know in the comments below how your Eid went and also what is your favourite Eid Nasheed!

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Jzk for spending some of your time here and I’ll see you in the next one.

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