Need ur HELP! (need questions)

Ok so this is kinda awkward since I haven’t posted in so long (I have a reason I promise… kinda.. will tell u more about that in another post) but for now I need your help.

I’m making a vid for my school, related to Facts /  FAQ’s about where I live (I live in Saudi Arabia). This isn’t about Saudi politics it’s about Saudi country (if that makes sense).
pls gimme some questions for the vid…(ie weather, scenery etc, NOT rules, rights etc),
Jzk/ Thx!

37 thoughts on “Need ur HELP! (need questions)

    1. Y’all forgettin’ to ask ’bout the food. Is it spicy? Filling? Always served with way too much on the plate? Is Black Seed used a lot in Savoury foods? Is it used in sweet foods? Any one else wanna suggest some food questions?

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  1. With the exception of the province of Asir on the western coast, Saudi Arabia has a desert climate characterized by extreme heat during the day, an abrupt drop in temperature at night, and very low annual rainfall. … In the spring and autumn the heat is temperated, temperatures average around 29° C.

    What’s it truly like to live in a desert climate?

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    1. Lool, erm I will try (if I don’t its because I wont be allowed).
      Also feel free to ask a question. I am goin to record the rest of the vid today IA (if everything goes to plan) so u might wanna do a quick one :). Jzk for ur question though n i’m glad ur interested in watchin the vid.

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  2. Lol, I decided I wanted to edit it a bit more… but then got busy… I finished the vid like almost 3 weeks ago (on Friday) IDEK how its been that time but wow! Yh so recently I wanted to edit it just a tiny bit but haven’t got round to finishing it. That’s one reason why it ain’t out.


    1. Walaikumassalam!
      Unfortunately, I have long recorded and edited the video I was talking about in this post (you can check it out here: ) but would be more than happy to answer your question here.

      Answer: Tbh I have only been to Riyadh once (and that was just in the airport) so I’m not really sure. I have been to Jeddah many times so this might be a bias answer. Plus I know more people in Jeddah than in Riyadh (actually idk anyone in Riyadh lol) so my answer would probably be Jeddah. Jzk for ur question :).
      Also, I would be interested to know what ur answer is for that question!


      1. Huzaifah Abdullah

        Jazakallah for answering. I personally can’t say, I’ve only been to Jeddah for two or three days (from my experience, it was nice mashaAllah) – I’ve never actually been to Riyadh.

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