10 Easy Exercises

Here is a list of exercises which are super duper easy to do, especially since many of us are cooped up at home during COVID-19. And no, don’t worry I’m not talking about push ups, press ups, chin ups, weightlifting, going for a run, etc. I know, I know there’s a lot out there which state they’re easy but it takes a lot of effort. You and I want to stay fit and healthy without breaking a sweat. Haha. Otherwise why would the title attract you here?

  1. If you have stairs at home – run up and down the stairs for 5minutes
  2. Try 25 Star jumps/Jumping Jacks
  3. Jog on the spot for 5 minutes
  4. Skip rope for 5 minutes
  5. Roll from one side of the bed to the other for 5 minutes (might get dizzy – don’t say I didn’t warn you)
  6. Do some stretches
  7. Play Red Roses if you have a garden
  8. Play Duck Duck Goose if you have a garden
  9. Play some sports in the garden
  10. Chase the kids around the house

Exercise doesn’t need to be boring nor does it require using the gym. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go to the gym. But the gym isn’t for everyone. Have fun exercising!

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