A-Z of Food Challenge

So I thought I’ll set myself a challenge of coming up with a list of food names right now from A-Z. Here it goes.

Apple, Banana, Crisps, D…. Egg, F….., Goat (haha I know – it’s the first thing that came to mind), Halloumi, Ice-cream, Kiwi/KitKat, Lemon, Mango, N….., O…., Q…., Peanut butter/Pitta, Rice, Sweets (spit?), T……, U……., V…… Water, X (is there anything with X?), Yam, Zamzam water (It counts as food, it’s special)

That’s it for tonight. See you next time 🙂

11 thoughts on “A-Z of Food Challenge

    1. JustSomeThoughts

      Haha yh – tiramisu. There are foods with other letters but was just coming up with ones in the moment without Google. I just googled for letter X. Xanthum Gum and Xmas cookies came up, haha.

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      1. JustSomeThoughts

        Quiche and tomatoes yummmmm. Never heard of udon. You know what ?…. I tag you to do this challenge @ummhimayah. when two mins are up or you’re done, post post post 🙂 let’s see what the first food stuff come to your mind

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