Qualities of a Successful Person -Part 1

There’s a lot out there regarding on How to be successful and What it takes to be successful. Thought I’ll gather what I have come across through literature, videos, wise words and experience, in one place – put simply as possible.

  1. Reliability: Shows that your trustworthy – how can it be displayed – by being punctual – meeting deadlines – keeping your word
  2. Be Yourself: When you are authentic, your uniqueness will lead to people becoming drawn towards you. You have something different to offer
  3. Commitment: Stick to your goals and your plans – persevere
  4. Resilience: Again persevere – stay strong
  5. Seek Knowledge: Knowledge without action = wastefulness: Action without knowledge = foolishness. Especially with regards to the deen, we are encouraged to seek knowledge, man or woman, young or old. Having said that, ensure the knowledge you seek is beneficial
  6. Be proactive: Seek out opportunities – make the first move
  7. Self-Discipline: It will establish inner strength and make you mentally stronger. It will also contribute to becoming resilient
  8. Focus: Give due attention – concentrate – remove distractions – this includes when carrying out any task whether a big project, spending time with others or trying to practice/attaining kushoo in salah
  9. Be humble: It will grow you as a person – as people we need to grow in order to succeed

Part 2 coming soon

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