Benefits of Seclusion

Thought I’ll share a little insight on Seclusion. First here are some benefits of Seclusion.

  1. Taking time to reflect and remember Allah, which leads to solace and connectedness of the heart with Allah
  2. Saving oneself from being in situations of disobedience
  3. Avoiding ostentation or doing actions of obedience for others instead of for Allah.
  4. To be safe from disputation and partisanship
  5. Being away from the harm that may accrue to myself because I deal with people
  6. Be away from the inclinations of wanting to please others or engage in worldly matters
  7. Shields one from interacting with people who are ignorant and the possibility of not responding properly to them

Seclusion in a fast-paced world of 2020

  • There is no time limitation for seclusion although wrt ‘itikaf in Ramadan it is advised to be done during the last 10 days of Ramadan. This is to seek out and make the most of Laylat-ul-Qadr
  • Take out few minutes in a day or once a day/month – no gadgets, just you and Allah, reflect on purpose of being, what we have done, wrong doing and seek for forgiveness, ask for acceptance of good deeds, remember Allah, etc. This is also a means of seclusion
  • For women it can be harder as they are taking care of kids, needy spouse, parents. But its important to take time out to recharge oneself and ensure they are developing themselves for their own betterment, betterment of family and betterment of society. This ensures the woman is also spiritually, mentally and physically recharged.

Ramadan 2021 may seem far away but time will flyyyyy. So start preparing for Ramadan now, at least mentally. Or why wait til Ramadan? Can take a couple of hours out this week to spiritually recharge, can we not?

May be next time I’ll post something on the benefits of Social Interaction.

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