Imam Ghazali (rh) – Kitab Riyadhat al-Nafs

  • Restriction in eating = prevents lowly desires
  • Appropriate amount of sleep = feel productive and energised (when dedicating time to do things during the day, especially morning/early afternoon) leading to wanting to be more productive, hence being productive and cycle continues
  • Speaking less and not when required = save tongue from hellfire, hence ourselves from hell fire and injustice towards others e.g. backbiting, slander, swearing, mocking etc or spreading ill using tongue. Saves time as well and ensures not wasted e.g. by not gossiping, not beating around the bush when getting something done especially in a ‘professional’ environment and with friends
  • Not concerning oneself with what others have to say and those who have wronged us = saves the mind from worry and unduly stress. Save time from thinking about such matters. This equals better physical health and mental health, hence better spiritual health

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