The Neural Model of Learning

I’ve been learning about how to learn recently. Thought I’ll share some of the points that I took from the course.

  1. Knowing 
  • Knowing is the ability to recognise something we have encountered before (i.e. the ability to distinguish between new and old information). 
  • Knowing does not mean that you understand the information at all, just that you remember seeing the information before. 
  1. Understanding 
  • Understanding involves connecting the new piece of information to something else you already know. 
  • Making these connections gives more meaning to the information. 
  • Stage 3 involves using the knowledge that you understand. 
  • The more you use knowledge in different contexts, the more connections are created. 
  • More connections usually lead to stronger memory traces and a deeper understanding. 
  • Using knowledge in different ways and contexts means more connections are created. 
  1. Mastering 
  • When enough connections are created, we finally master the knowledge. 
  • We say that this knowledge has become part of our schemas. 
  • Schemas are our prior knowledge and learning sets. These act as the platform for new learning to happen in the future. 
  • After using the knowledge many times and in multiple contexts, you will have created enough connections to say you have mastered that knowledge. 
  • Now, you are ready to learn something new and return to the first stage. 

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