10 Signs You’re Possibly Ready to get Married – if you are looking to get married | JustSomeThoughts

  1. You are confident in yourself and don’t require people to validate you
  2. You’re interested in attaining the best of Jannah for yourself and those around you (this will include your spouse after marriage
  3. You have been learning and researching the dos, the donts, expectations, roles and responsibilities, raising children, etc.
  4. You’re thinking long term about marriage life and preparing yourself, not just thinking about the Bollywood/Hollywood style wedding
  5. You know what you’re looking for and want in your future spouse> you know what you can tolerate, will not compromise nor deal with. You also know who you are – for the most part
  6. For brothers: You are financially stable – this doesn’t mean you need to be rich. Enough finances to support your wife (possibly parents and sisters) and future family.
  7. Understand that sometimes you may need to compromise or even sacrifice
  8. Understand that everybody is different. And although you may have many similarities with the potential spouse there will also be many differences that may arise.
  9. You want to add value to the lives of others
  10. You’re ready to complete half your deen. You’re ready to share a part of your life with someone else.

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