Eid Nasheeds – 2022

Eid Mubarak Everyone!!

Yes yes, the most consistently inconsistent blogger ever… at least this post’s coming out on time okay!

Anywayy, how was your Ramadan (lemme know)? For me it wasn’t the best ngl – a mix of exams and Ramadan was a weird and not so nice combo – but Alhamdulilah.
It literally flew by so fast this time (Ik it always been going so fast these past few years, but this one was another level) and now its somehow already Eid!

So in today’s post I’m going to give you a list of the new Eid Nasheeds [Vocals Only] from 2022!
FYI this list ain’t in any specific order, but if you want, you could number them your favourites in the comments below.


1) Muad – Ahlan Ya Eid [Vocals Only]
The Arabic and English mix is soo goood mA!
2) Safe Adam – Eid Today [Vocals Only]
A very unique style and my two Siblings fav.
Ilyas Mao – Eid Mubarak [Vocals Only]
It’s by Ilyas Mao, you know its gonna be good [Masha’Allah Allahuma barik!] 🙂
The Little Believers – It’s Eid Today [Vocals Only]
The younger ones are bound to love this one!

And that’s it for this list. Insha’Allah you loved them, we getting spoilt by the number of new Eid Nasheeds this year mA!
For more Vocals Only Eid Nasheeds check out my list from 2020 – OML how has it even been 2 years?!!

May Allah accept it from us.

See you in another 5 years.. oh also do keep me in your duas Insha’Allah, got exams 🙂

Aight, until we meet again – Assalamualaikum!

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