TOP Eid NASHEEDS! [Vocals Only]

EID MUBARAK!! I hope you and your Family have a great Eid 🙂 .
Ramadan went soo fast and somehow its already Eid!
So in today’s post I’ve gathered some great vocals only Eid Nasheeds that you can listen to! You can check them out below: Continue reading “TOP Eid NASHEEDS! [Vocals Only]”

Can we pray Eid Salah at home because of the epidemic?

(More on that question later on this post)
Ok so since the lock-down we’ve been doing Jummah Khutbah’s at home as the Masjid’s are closed…
So I would usually go online and find an authentic English Khutbah and then copy-paste it into Google Docs and then change it into my own words or I would find some hadeeths thats linked to roughly the same topic and bring them together and make a Khutbah that way though most of the time I do it the first way cos its easier LOL. InshaAllah I will try to post the Khutbah’s every week :).

So if you didn’t know yet, Eid ul Fitr is going to be day after tomorrow (Sunday) InshaAllah so this weeks Khutbah was about Eid!
You can read the Khutbah below: Continue reading “Can we pray Eid Salah at home because of the epidemic?”