Wardrobe Makeover VLOG…

Don’t worry about the title, it will make sense in a bit…
And yes, I’m alive 😅.

Assalamualaikum / Hi Everyone, wow has it been so long!
Alhamdullillah JustSomeThoughts has been keeping u entertained with so many posts, so a huge Jzk to them.

My consistency for posting has been so bad lately (not that I have ever been good at it b4) but I’m afraid it might not get any better for the time being, if not, it might get worse. Reason being, I have mocks in Jan iA (pls make dua for me), and then later on in 2021 (sounds so weird) I will be doing my iGCSE exams Insha’Allah [if God wills].

Anyway, about the video… Yes, I did a video on basically fixing up my wardrobe 😝. Don’t worry the whole video isn’t just on that, I thought it would be a good title.
Anyway, enjoy the video:

And yeah, that’s the video, what did you think?
I have around 4 more videos to edit/finish recording, some I’m superr excited to release so stay tuned for that… Don’t expect it any time soon though, since this video was recorded a few months ago (except the outro) and now it comes out 🤦‍♂️!

Jzk/Ty for reading and watching, If you liked this post then please hit the like button below and follow me so you get notifications when I write a new post!

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