A-Z of Food Challenge

So I thought I’ll set myself a challenge of coming up with a list of food names right now from A-Z. Here it goes.

Apple, Banana, Crisps, D…. Egg, F….., Goat (haha I know – it’s the first thing that came to mind), Halloumi, Ice-cream, Kiwi/KitKat, Lemon, Mango, N….., O…., Q…., Peanut butter/Pitta, Rice, Sweets (spit?), T……, U……., V…… Water, X (is there anything with X?), Yam, Zamzam water (It counts as food, it’s special)

That’s it for tonight. See you next time 🙂

10 Easy Exercises

Here is a list of exercises which are super duper easy to do, especially since many of us are cooped up at home during COVID-19. And no, don’t worry I’m not talking about push ups, press ups, chin ups, weightlifting, going for a run, etc. I know, I know there’s a lot out there which state they’re easy but it takes a lot of effort. You and I want to stay fit and healthy without breaking a sweat. Haha. Otherwise why would the title attract you here?

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Have I seen a snake?! [Saudi Arabia FAQ *video*]

So it’s been more than 4 weeks now since I asked some of you guys for some questions for a school video (I have no idea how a month went by that fast), but here we are.

Again, Eid Mubarak to everyone, I hope you had a great eid.

I did finish editing this video almost a month ago but wanted to tweak it just a tiny bit and didn’t really find the time. Anywayy below is the vid. Enjoy!

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