I’m alive – kinda.

Assalamualaikum people, how’s life (lemme know down bellow).

I feel like I say this in almost every post (the title), but you can’t blame me, since my consistency here is spectacular. Honestly I should get an award for being the most inconsistent blogger ever. Anywayy life’s been a bit crazy, I’ve been TRYING to multitask things and do more than one thing because studying alone is too boring (but of course, still VERY important). Yh so that hasn’t really been working so well.

InshaAllah what I am trying to do is make a fixed timetable so I know what I have to do when, I already have a to-do list but that doesn’t seem to cut it (though it definitely helps for me, so I would recommend making one).

Omg its been soo long since I actually wrote a proper post that I have forgotten how you do this… Help me out people. This is my second post in 2021 which is kinda crazy. Firstly can we just talk about how its already mid MARCH?! Like whatt, we basically just started this year, howw.

So, what’s happened since my last post, well firstly I’m now a year older which is kinda mad… Alhamdulillah we also got to go on a mini trip in Saudi and that was a lot of fun mA, I did record a vlog for the whole trip but don’t expect it anytime soon because I am the king of procrastinating (and I also have work, ig I should have said that first..). I also made a video of ‘A day in a life of an online school student‘, so that’s something (and I actually edited and finished it so you can expect it soon iA.). And yep, that’s pretty much my life right now, we are also working on something (I can’t actually say what it is yet) and it is something I am really excited about but at the same time I am not sure if its possible at this point, I really want to do it and inshaAllah we can, just having a lot of issues with it rn.

Okay so Insha’Allah I will post my Day in a Life of a Lady Evelyn Student 👨‍🎓 video soon, that’s really it for today’s post (I have actually officially forgotten how to do posts at this point so I seriously need help guys 😅, lemmee know what I should do in the future and how one can write posts).

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Jazakallahu Khairan for reading and see you soon (hopefully). Assalamualaikum!

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