Signs of Laylat-ul-Qadr

  • It will be a calm night
  • No wind
  • Not too hot nor too cold 1
  • Peaceful night 2
  • Moon looks like a plate (bowl). Some narrations say it will look like half a plate (bowl). 3
  • Possibility of rain
  • The sun won’t have rays the following morning 1,4

Sources used:

[1] – Sahih Al-Jami’/ibn Khuzaymah

[2] – Quran [97:5]

[3] – Muslim

[4] – Ahmad

A Ramadan reminder…

Someone wrote this really nice reminder/message that might be beneficial for us all, so here it is:

Assalaamu alaykum and Ramadan Mubarak
The month has finally arrived and for many of us, it has come as a relief. It’s a great time for us to reset ourselves especially if we have not been in the best of habits or have made a number of blunders and mistakes, in the past year.
We’re human so we’re all bound to make mistakes and if you imagine over the course of the year, all that we have accumulated in terms of the bad, we can get rid of. And with that, our good deeds we have done over the year, remains, in shaa Allah. How amazing is that?! Ramadan comes once a year and is a golden opportunity to seek forgiveness and the blessings of Allah (swt).

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A stranger wrote to me, the following.

With Ramadan approaching, I think it would be a good time for us all to reflect on our friendships and renew our intentions regarding them in shaa Allah. “There is seven whom Allah will shade on a day when there is no shade but his… Two men who love one another for the sake of Allah and meet and part on that basis…” [Bukhārī and Muslim].

Forming friendships and relationships is an innate desire for us. We unknowingly influence each other; we shape each other’s lives and personalities and work towards common goals together. Let us make the primary common goal to get closer to Allah SWT and to be actively conscious of our duty to Allah in our friendships. Let’s talk to each other about the beauty of the Quran and the Sunnah, let’s remind each other not to sin and let’s help each other in fulfilling our duties to the Almighty.
Let us make it so that our friendships are a cause of joy and gratification in the hereafter and on the day of Judgement. What an enormous, beautiful blessing it is that Allah has decreed us to meet and become close to our friends!
Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to reach out to your friends and maintain those pivotal relationships. Set goals together about what you want to achieve in this blessed month, hold (yourself and) your friends accountable, check up on them regularly, send them a delicious recipe for iftar that you love or post them some dates they can break their fasts with. There is something very wholesome and beautiful about worshipping Allah with the people you love and we should not underestimate the motivation and reward that can come from this, in shaa Allah.

May Allah keep us all in good company and may Allah make us good company. May Allah make us of the people that are granted shade on the day of judgement and may we be reunited with our friends in Jannah. Ameen.

I hope you found the above message beneficial and a different take on the relationship between friendship and Ramadan.

I’m alive – kinda.

Assalamualaikum people, how’s life (lemme know down bellow).

I feel like I say this in almost every post (the title), but you can’t blame me, since my consistency here is spectacular. Honestly I should get an award for being the most inconsistent blogger ever. Anywayy life’s been a bit crazy, I’ve been TRYING to multitask things and do more than one thing because studying alone is too boring (but of course, still VERY important). Yh so that hasn’t really been working so well.

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