Lockdown things to do

Many countries still in Lockdown. Here’s a list of things to do.

  • Enrol on an Islamic course
  • Recap on previous notes (wrt Islam or any studies)
  • Attend one off Islamic seminars/webinars (many happening with a variety of topics mA)
  • Attend one off seminars to do with COVID19
  • Attend one off webinars on something that interests you
  • Baking / cooking – improve or try something new or do it for fun
  • Board games with family • Online games with friends or family (chess, skriblio <– fun at times, uno, many out there )
  • Card games
  • Learn card tricks
  • Call relatives or friends
  • WhatsApp/Zoom halaqah
  • WhatsApp/Zoom discussion groups. Choose a topic to discuss once a week. Set a time and date with specific people
  • Gardening
  • Clear out belongings or tidy/organise room
  • Help someone
  • Recite /listen / memorise Quran
  • Dhikr (increase it/learn new ones/become consistent with what you know)
  • Make an intention to practice an obligatory action or sunnah action that you used to do but have stopped. Start practicing it again
  • Volunteer for medical institutes (currently applications are paused but may open again soon, some have had an overwhelming number of ~750 000 applications they need to process)
  • Do PE with joe on YouTube (30 min amateur exercise to do at home and it really is suitable for people that don’t exercise) – some videos have music – make sure to mute.
  • Reflect and ponder
  • Dress up, not extravagant, just to look casually nice and feel good
  • Offer to make tea for someone and put salt in, instead eeeeks
  • Play with your cat
  • Go for a short walk in local area
  • Teach someone Arabic
  • Make a list of 5-10 things to do that you would’ve done or like to do if we weren’t in lockdown and not doing your degree. Could be places to visit or activities to do in your home city, or abroad. Ask friends family or use Google for ideas if needed
  • Make a list of 5 places you want to visit in your home city
  • Sit in the garden or look through window and look outside. Look at the sky clouds etc
  • Start Painting or henna art
  • Calligraphy
  • Go on a clean diet
  • Drink more water if you don’t drink enough at the moment
  • Buy something you’ve been wanting to eat [halal of course, check ingredients 🙂 ]
  • Buy ice cream , almond, soya or coconut milk and fruits. Make different flavoured smoothies at home

4 thoughts on “Lockdown things to do

  1. lovely list mA (u forgot making brownies :). Ik its part of bakin but still).
    A few other things u could do:
    Create a blog.
    Try/Learn photography.
    Try/Learn Videography (you can do so many things with it, some which could get u reward)!
    Plant/Grow something. Use a garden if u have one. (Oh yeh that’s part of the list)
    Read books…
    Write a book (or anything really, perhaps a short story?).
    Make a short film at home (let’s see how creative you can get. You could just share it with friends/family if you don’t want to post it. Or just keep it for memories)
    And yh that’s all I can think of rn.

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